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December 2000

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Doesn't it seem like we talked about Y2K forever, but then it went by in the blink of an eye? It's hard to believe it's already that time of year when I sit down to write my annual holiday letter to wish you all the best in 2001 and to offer my sincere gratitude for your continuous support, friendship, and love. THANK YOU!!! I'd like to share with you some of the highlights of my Y2K activities. If you have not heard from me lately, please forgive me and read my 6th annual holiday letter.

In September, as some of you already know, I had a dream job in Sydney, the city I instantly fell in love with. You Got It! I worked as a simultaneous interpreter during post-medal press conferences at the best Olympics in history. Of course I saw all the best athletes in the world competing for medals and I even had a photo op with one of gold medallists from Korea. It was truly the best interpretation assignment during my 16-year career. I will always treasure this wonderful experience. After the Olympics Robert and I traveled around the eastern part of Australia-Canberra (the capital of Australia), Melbourne, and Cairns (Great Barrier Reef)-and saw the stunning natural beauty and gentle nature of the beautiful people living on that continent. My five weeks in the land Down Under was far too short and went far too fast. If you want to hear more about this fantastic trip give me a call.

My year 2000 started with snow and is ending with snow in Boston. It was exciting to see people from Southeast Asia become ecstatic seeing the beautiful snow-they had never seen it before! Between January snow and December snow as a conference interpreter, I made 38 business trips and 6 pleasure trips, sleeping more nights in hotel beds than in my own. Some of the first-time places where I worked in 2000 were Guam (yes, the small island in middle of the Pacific Ocean), Dearborn, MI, and Lubbock, TX. The conference topics I had to deal with were vastly different, from airplanes to cotton to food (one of my favorite topics) to veterinary medicine (definitely not one of my favorite topics). One of the most memorable interpretation assignments this year was to interpret local TV (KRON and KPIX) interviews of an 80-year old Korean lady who had been one of the numerous comfort women (sex slaves for Japanese soldiers during the World War II).

To update my skills and to meet my friends and colleagues, I attended various workshops and conferences concerning interpretation and translation issues. One of them was "Modern Korean Readings with Translator Bruce Fulton." It was quite a treat to meet two of my favorite Korean writers, Choe In-Ho and O Chong-Hui, whose works let me spread the wings of my imagination and took me anywhere I wanted to go while growing up in Korea. They constantly fed my mind and soul. Mr. Fulton's English rendition of their work was just beautiful. After the workshop I had a beer with these writers and their translator, and that night I was too excited to fall asleep.
I also had an opportunity to share my knowledge with attorneys. I delivered "Working with Interpreters," a presentation with my attorney friend, Joanne Moore from the State of Washington at National Legal Aid and Defender Association Substantive Law Conference 2000, held in Berkeley, CA.

As ever, I worked in state courts, law offices for depositions, as well as in recording studios as voice talent and as a director for voice talent. I also worked in front of my computer translating companies' web sites (HUGE increase from last year), employee/customer surveys on the web, user manuals, ad copy, election materials (don't worry-this will be the only time I mention the word "election"), product brochures, PowerPoint presentations, legal documents, press releases, video scripts, and others. Sadly, only one love letter translation project came my way this year although that's what I want to put down as my field of expertise on translation companies' applications forms.

Between assignments I was able to squeeze in mini-vacations in New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver, British Columbia, and Seoul, Korea. Of course nothing topped my 2 ½ week vacation in Australia.



Jacki Noh
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