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December 2003

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

This year's year-end letter is later than usual as I was hoping to write this in comfort of my home. But I am still on the road, writing this in my hotel room. With less than a week left for 2003, I would like to wish you all the best in 2004 and offer my gratitude for your continued confidence in my work and for your trust, friendship, and love. Thanks to all of you I had another wonderful year. In my 9th annual letter I will share with you some of the highlights of 2003, as I have not been in touch with you as frequently as I would have liked.

In 2003, I worked as a simultaneous interpreter at conferences with a wide range of topics such as cotton and salmon. In the courts, I interpreted for Korean speaking defendants and witnesses as well as testifying in the San Francisco County Superior court as a Korean language expert witness. Many depositions, resident meetings, workers compensation appeals board, focus groups, etc. also required my services. I had more than 10 voice-over recording sessions which were a lot of fun.

My favorite time was attending various lectures and seminars with titles such as "Interpreting for the Entertainment Industry," "The Present State of North Korea's Nuclear Weapons," "Imperial Japan's Language Policies in Colonial Korea," "Growing up Iranian in America," and "Occupiers and Occupied." I also had the good fortune to listen to lectures given by the two of the greatest Korean writers, Lee Ho Chul and Han Soo San.

I have traveled from Antigua (in Guatemala) to Zandvoort (in Holland) and many cities and countries in between. In the spring, Robert and I went to Europe to celebrate our 10th year together and visited 19 cities in 5 countries (France, Luxembourg, Germany, Holland, and Belgium). I got to see the beautiful tulips in Holland and had an opportunity to have a peek at Robert's childhood home, Luxembourg.

In the past 12 months I saw 32 movies in theaters and many more on planes. My favorite movies this year are – too difficult to pick just one – "Together" (a Chinese film directed by Chen Kaige), "Only Yesterday" (Japanese animation produced by Hayao Miyazaki), "YMCA Baseball Team (a Korean film directed by Kim Hyun Suk – I was very happy to be his interpreter during San Francisco International Film Festival), "Winged Migration," "Whale Rider," "Finding Nemo," and "Lost in Translation" directed by Sofia Coppola. The best and most thought-provoking book I read in English is "A Fine Balance" by Rohinton Mistry. After I read this one, I immediately read all his other wonderful literary works including "Tales from Firozsha Baag" and "Such a Long Journey." I am desperately waiting for his next book. The most thought-provoking book I read in Korean was "A Crow" (approx. 1,500 pages long) written by Han Soo San. It took the writer 15 years and lots of white hairs to complete this well-researched book about the dark period of Korean history of 1940's. Please share with me your favorite books and movies.

The two most memorable events this year were: the Northern California Translators Association's (NCTA) 25th Birthday Party and the Korean American Coalition to End Domestic Abuse's (KACEDA) October Event. At the party, I had an opportunity to share my profound love and passion for the NCTA and the friends I have met through NCTA. At the October KACEDA Event, all the KACEDA members worked very hard for this event to educate the Korean community about issues concerning domestic violence. As a member of KACEDA, since its inception in 1995, I have been donating my services as a simultaneous interpreter for public events such as this one. As you can imagine this volunteer work is extremely rewarding since the information I am sharing is of utmost importance and affects everyone in the community.

As a translator and editor I worked on: ad copy, product brochures, health education materials, domestic violence forms, web sites, survey questionnaires and responses, codes of ethics and ethics surveys, legal contracts, video scripts, financial documents, press releases, birth, graduation, and death certificates (no love letters this year). I also translated election materials for California's bizarre statewide special elections with 134 gubernatorial candidates.

Yes, it has been a busy year. Yet Robert and I were fortunate enough to get away to Austin, Texas, Half Moon Bay, California, Kona, Hawaii, Europe as mentioned above, and Yosemite National Park – It was so beautiful. I firmly believe I saw what Ansel Adams saw when he captured winter scenes in his unforgettable black and white photos. Now my office in Berkeley has two of his half dome pictures. I almost forgot to mention I now have an office in downtown Berkeley, an ideal location for me. I moved in July of this year and it has been just wonderful. I no longer work 24 hours a day 7 days a week although I often work late. Please come by if you can. I will be thrilled to see you in person, and there are lots of great restaurants within walking distance for us to try.

That's It Folks! Thanks for reading. HERE'S WISHING YOU VERY HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! "Don't worry, be happy!" or as Robert says "Don't worry, be Jacki!"

With Warm Regards,

Jacki NH