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December 2007

Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Clients,

I wish I could travel around the world and the seven seas – as in the Eurythmics' famous song, "Sweet Dreams" – to wish you all the best in 2008 in person with a hug. Even with emails, text messages, Skype Internet phone, and all the other advanced communication gadgets out there, nothing's better than exchanging big bear hugs in this cold season. This morning my bedroom temperature was 41 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius) and I didn't need a wake up call to get out of bed.

With your continued confidence in my work and your invaluable support, friendship, and love, I had another great year. That's why it's so difficult to say goodbye to 2007. I offer my sincere gratitude in this 13-year-old annual letter. Yes, this letter just turned 13. Let me try to answer what you have been asking, "Where have you been, Jacki?"

Victoria, B.C.

In January I was able to enjoy summer and winter and summer and winter again. My first assignment in 2007 took me to Kona, Hawaii where I walked around with a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. Upon returning from Hawaii I found myself in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada with tons of snow, then in Las Vegas, and in Boston before January was gone. My assignments took me to more interesting places this year such as Beijing, Guatemala City, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – I played with monkeys there when I was not working – and Vladivostok, Russia.



Which one is Jacki?

Oh So tall!


Yes, I collected a lot of air miles. I covered a variety of topics— enough to make my head spin. The topics ranged from golf, information technology, international trade, marketing, movies, a nuclear program, organic farming, salmon, software, sports cars (I even got to drive), taxes, and video games, among others. Yet one of the individuals I thoroughly enjoyed interpreting for was Gerard Houllier, a great football coach, when he shared his wisdom in life by saying "Nothing great in life can be achieved without enthusiasm."

As a judiciary interpreter I worked both in federal and state courts covering both criminal and civil (not so civil sometimes!) cases as well as arbitration hearings, depositions, and mediations. I also had an opportunity to interpret for teachers and parents with children with autism; it was an eye-opening experience as I tried to learn as much as I could about it. This year I also had wonderful opportunities to talk to students at San Jose State University and the National Hispanic University in San Jose, California about why the work of interpreters and translators is so exciting, challenging, and rewarding. In fact, the title of my talk at these schools was "Yes, I DO have the BEST job in the world."

Beijing, China

I traveled to learn as well. I went to the Translation Summit held in Salt Lake City, Utah to learn about trends in the interpretation and translation field from experts in academia, government, industry, and the United Nations. I also thoroughly enjoyed wonderful speeches with a great sense of humor and wit from Dr. Anthony Pym from Spain and Dr. Daniel Gile from France about translator and interpreter training.

When I had free time, I tried to fill it with some cultural activities including the following: "La Vie en noir: The Life and Poetry of Léopold Sédar Senghor" (Senegalese, poet and the first president of Senegal), "Family Musik – Carnival of the Animals" Poetry Reading for kids (and me)," and "The Full Monty" musical, among others. One of the more interesting lectures I attended was "Fluctuating Intelligence Estimates on Iran" by Dr. Ibrahim Al-Maraashii which made me realize how little I knew about that country.

I want to go FAST!

This year I only saw 20 movies in theatres though I saw a lot more on planes. As I write this letter my two favorite movies of the year are Waitress and Ratatouille. My favorite books this year are The Bonesetter's Daughter by Amy Tan and Pulling Your Own Strings by Dr. Wayne W. Dyers. Please don't forget to share with me your favorite books and movies.

This year I was able to squeeze several short vacations – one on a tiny island called Hornby with a population of 800 in British Columbia, Canada; Honolulu, Hawaii (with Robert); Vancouver, Canada; Portland, Oregon (with Robert again); and Newport Beach, California. Most of these vacations were weekend getaways. I will have to wait a while to have longer holidays when both Robert and I find more breathing room.

Vladivostok, Russia

Hornby Island, B.C.

That's it, folks! Thanks for reading.

With warm regards,
Jacki NH

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